Synopsis of the Feature Film “Mishing – The Apparition”

Togbe Mahajan, a leading member of the Sherdukpen community of Arunachal Pradesh, meets a Manipuri driver RadhaBinode Singh after buying a used vehicle in Assam. When the two men return to Togbe‟s village, Singh reveals that he is an Army deserter. Togbearranges fresh identity papers for his driver. The outsider stays on in his adopted home and becomes a part of the family.

The driver also develops a relationship with Maya, a Sherdukpen widow. He has a brush with Mishing, a local belief that the spirits of dying people can appear before those they love and communicate with them. One day, Singh sees himself dead at the wheels of his own car.Alarmed and baffled, he flees.

Many years later, Abu, Togbe‟s son, receives a middle-aged visitor. He reveals that he is RadhaBinode Singh. Reminiscing about bygone days, he asks Abu to visithim in Guwahati and collect a precious object that Togbeleft in his custody. He then disappears without a trace.

Abu heads to Guwahati.There, he meets Singh‟s son. The latter hands over Togbe‟s possession to the visitor. Abu learns that Singh has been in a hospital in Vellore, southern India, for several months. Who, then, was the man who visited Abu?

The Director’s Thought

My intention is to showcase the culture of the Sherdukpen tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, which has an estimated population of only 4200 people. These people value their cultural moorings and folk. My goal is to do full justice to the traditional concept of Mishing. I believe that my film will help people experience the beauty of this part of India along with this community‟s strongly held otherworldly belief in wandering souls and spirits.

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  •  66th National Film Award (Silver Lotus)
  • 24th Kolkata International Film Festival 2019
  • 23rd International Film Festival of Kerala 2019
  • Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, 2019
  • Bengaluru International Film Festival, 2019
  • Habitat Film Festival, New Delhi, 2019
  • Diorama International Film Festival, 2019
  • 10th Indian Film Festival of Bhubaneswar 2019
  • 2nd Itanagar International Film Festival 2019
  • 3rd Guwahati International Film Festival 2019
  • 21st Burdwan International Film Festival
  • First Biswanath Film Festival 2019
  • International Women Film Festival
  • MACTA Women International Film Festival (Virtual)

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