Synopsis of the Feature Film “Adomya”

The film narrates the story of Juri, a single mother of a girl who had to face the brunt of widowhood just after six months of getting married to a young engineer , who gets confirmed of having infected with AIDS virus causing his death. She is also tested positive in HIV test, resulting in virtually getting thrown out of her in-laws’ home depriving her of all the rightful bliss a pregnant woman should have. But her struggle continues even after arriving at her birthplace , where she has to go through ordeals of being socially boycotted for being a HIV patient.

Even her new-born child is ostracized by the village-folks though she tested negative. Juri goes off to the town, and starts earning by her own and through her sheer determination, hardship and resilience her daughter Jonak is saved from false pride of middle-class snobbery and dislocation in a claustrophobic situation. Even though she fulfills her dreams through her dreams, she is not left without her emotional challenges of , dreadful solitude and social stigma which she had to fight back with great courage and conviction. Poignantly related in a subtle joined-up flash-back and forward, the film is an introspection of mother-daughter relation against hostile and selfish turn-around of events in the life of a young AIDS survivor in an urban milieu.

The Director’s Thought

My intent is to encourage the HIV positive people to live a life of courage and resilience and at the same time to break the social taboos associated with it. For a person who had grown up with a passion for cinema, it is needless to explain how strongly I feel to carry socially meaningful message and that too with a sense of urgency. I have spent more than two years in research, in writing and rewriting the script, by spending time with AIDS patients, rather victims of the disease, and voluntary workers dedicated to the cause of fighting the menace. The script is tilted towards the central character, who is a woman and a victim whose struggle only shows a need to live life against the odds including multi-faceted ostracism which may echoes true life stories. In patriarchal set up, women are put to great ordeal and hence, my film is made to capture parallel issues documenting a number of key events. The goal of the film is to tell a human story of passion, devotion, courage and expression in life, of leading life and of overcoming fear in living one’s precious life.

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  •  13th Dhaka International Film Festival; won Best Film (in Spiritual Category), Bangladesh, 2014
  • 12th Third Eye Asian Film Festival, Mumbai 2014
  • 15th Rainbow Film Festival, London 2014
  • 1st International Women Film Festival, Bangladesh 2014
  • Cana Film Festival, Singapore 2014
  • 3rd Delhi International Film Festival, 2014
  • 7th Bengaluru International Film Festival, 2014
  • Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival, 2014
  • 12th Chennai International Film Festival, 2014
  • Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai 2014
  • 17th London Asian Film Festival 2015
  • Habitat Film Festival, Delhi 2015
  • 46th International Film Festival of Goa, (WOMENCLATURE OF CINEMA)

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