Deoka - Walking In The Air

synopsis of the film

Jyoti of 22 years lives with her loving parents but life is unfair as she is diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a battle she is destined to fight for life. Her legs stopped functioning when she was 8 years old and so did her hopes! Her father is the strongest life support who dresses her and carries her to school every day. Jyoti’s fight against herself takes a toll on her, she attempts to suicide but she requires more help to die than to live and further, life hits rock bottom for Jyoti when her father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

But struggles only made Jyoti braver to make her own life decisions. Through her optimism, she learned to fall in love with Pragyan, who supported her goals. She embraces her shortcomings and chooses her destiny to change them for good by evolving as a writer to express her struggles. Her writings are an example of true empowerment. Jyoti has seen the darkest of times where many lose hope, but she works hard and finally walks on clouds like in her dreams by becoming the best version of herself by choosing to face her challenges with an open mind.


This film adaptation is based on a true story and the story unfolds with dreams and illusions of a young girl’s life’s journey. I intended to make this movie on Jyoti’s life because I believe that as human beings, we tend to get exhausted with the pettiest of struggles in our lives, and  naturally it differs from person to person but when I came across Jyoti I realized that she could not walk from such an early age and faces so many challenges in her life, she is dependent on her parents for almost everything and later even her father suffers from Alzheimer’s and even then, she achieves as becoming a writer. This inspired me to my core! The fighting spirit and the fire that is within us needs to awaken. I think through this film the masses will understand the importance of life and how the only obstacle to living our dreams and desires is us and not an external challenge. It is our mind that gets us going forward and Jyoti’s life stands as the perfect example to never give up on ourselves no matter how low we might see ourselves, only we can rise us.